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Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail: Products & Services

Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail is a company that specializes in selling quality car care products online. Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail’s exclusive car care line provides amazing results. The company also offers professional detailing tools to enable the best possible car detailing solutions on the market. The product line includes:

  • Interior car care products
  • Exterior care products
  • Interior and exterior accessories
  • Alloy wheels and Headlight Resoration Kit
  • Novelty items
  • Wash and detailing service.

    The services what ever they may be, the company strives to provide the best quality of products and services that the customer can imagine.

Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail: Company Background

The company was established in 2001 and is currently the out growth of the company’s parent, Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail which is one of the fastest growing mobile detailing auto services in the mid west. The company is currently based in St Louis, Missouri and has grown at a rapid pace.

Unlike other internet companies offering the same car care products can be bought off the shelf a retail store, these car care products are well suited for true car fanatic that want professional results, while saving time. Customers who use this website will get concentrated car care products, guaranteed to out shine its competitors.

Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The products offered by the company have received wide spread appreciation due to its good quality and great customer support.

A consumer Glenn B writes “I was turned on to them from a company called clear bumper. They told me that hands down Lane has the best products and customer service around. I purchased the headlamp restore kit and it worked just like they said.”

Another Joe M writes “I ordered something from this website and got my product like a month later. When I Finally got my order it was the wrong product and then I called customer service and asked about my order and they kept giving me the run around like you should've received what you ordered or we will call you back.”.

CJ Chaz43 writes “I tried Lane's 'New Aluminum'. WOW! I sprayed a little on - full strength - and wiped down the wheel with a wet old terry cloth towel. In less than 2 minutes the acid cleaner literally dissolved all the dirt and tarnish, and left the wheel as bright and shiny as when it was new. I'm amazed - and well satisfied. So much so I ordered another 32 oz. bottle as a spare. Thank you, Lane's.”.

Consumers usually have a mixed opinion about car care products as some users are not well versed with the correct application of the products. The company offers   help in the form of instruction material available online and on youtube.

Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The company itself is not listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but does have an Amazon page, so it is credible enough to do business with. The reviews on the website ensure that the company keeps its promises and apart from that it has also received a good load of positive reviews, ensuring its good will and business ethics.

Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa gives the website a global rank of 404,354 and an Indian rank of 72,892. Google Page Rank gives it a 4 out of a possible 10. Compete gives it a rank of 256,202 and shows average monthly unique visits to be 5,036. The website has a particular clientele and caters to a limited audience so the statistics shown are quite decent.

Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail: Social Media Presence

The company has created a good image on social media platforms and its page on YouTube has provided a great form of company and brand advertisement. The Facebook page has 111 likes and is used by the company to communicate with its fans and consumers alike. The company uses the twitter account @lanescarproduct where it has 5,463 followers and uses this as an effective means of communication and brand advertisement.

Considering the size of the company and its nature of business, it has done relatively well to secure its market share in the auto detailing industry.

Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail: Website Security & Safety

Using diagnosis provided by Google Safe Browsing shows no signs of viruses or malware software present that may pose a risk to the end user in the last 90 days. The website does not function as an intermediary for viruses or Trojans of any sites. The company uses HTTPS security protocol to ensure smooth and safe surfing of its website with added security.

Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail: Pricing & Packages

The company offers various products on its website and has a very competitive price range. The prices are dependant on quantity and size of the detailing product ordered for example the Lane’s Ultimate Interior Package cost $36 for a 16oz packing and $56 for 32oz packing. The price range for the products is $10.99 to $2,500 taking into account the more expensive alloy wheels.

Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail: Shipping Rates & Policies

The company offers free shipping inside the US on orders of $150 and above under certain terms and conditions. The company offers USPS and Fed Ex as their standard freight carriers and prices are calculated on check out before payments are made. The company also ships to 220 countries and Fed Ex Priority, Overnight and Standard Overnight Services. The company uses the best freight movers so the service expected should be top notch.

Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail: Payment Methods Accepted

The company uses PayPal to conduct payment transactions along with using Mastercard, Amex, Visa Card and Discover to further ease shopping on its website. The company uses state of the art security and data encryption software and protocols so the transactions are almost impossible to be hacked. The company has had a very good experience with its online payment setup and no problems have ever been reported that relate to credit card or identity theft.

Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The company offers a 30 day returns policy and promises to credit the amount minus shipping if the products bought are returned with in 30 days of shipping. The company may also deduct 15%-20% as restocking charges depending upon product purchased. Mounted wheels are on refundable and there is a $35 restocking fee on tire returns. The customer is responsible for the shipping in all circumstances. Judging by the feedback, the company can be seen has honorable and obliges its commitments.

Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail: Product images & screenshots
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